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SDJ2700 4-roller glue machine


    SDJ2700 4-roller glue machine is a kind of necessary equipment for veneer production, used to averagely daub a core veneer with glue. Our product collects advantages of all kinds of glue machine, and is improved on this base.


Diameter of glueing roller      mm  Φ430
Diameter of gule extruding roller       mm  Φ292
Length of rollers    mm   2700
Speed ratio of glueing roller and glue extruding roller  8.9:1
Input height  mm  1000
Input speed Fast 76m/min or 49m/min 
Input speed   Slow  50m/min or 33m/min 
Rubber outside glueing roller Acid & alkli resistant rubber (black) alkli resistant rubber (black)
Thick mm 17.5
Rigidity 55℃
Maximum space of glueing roller  mm   50
Inside height and depth of output rollers 752×1623
Dimension     mm  4080×2920×1530
4080×1200(without output rollers)×1530
Weight     kg 4500
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